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There’s almost no competition when you compare all the benefits offered by DIRECTV with your cable television service. DIRECTV offers the very best in satellite TV, and gives you more full-time hi-def programming than any cable service. DIRECTV is backed by fantastic customer service, having been granted best honors by the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index. You can have a better home entertainment experience by picking DIRECTV.

Drop the poor quality, inadequate station assortment and zero dedication to professional sports coverage of your current cable TV service, and move forward with a hero, DIRECTV. Bring Hollywood to your home in Coral Gables using premium movie stations and also root for the home team with one-of-a-kind competitive sports coverage. DIRECTV is the leader in terms of giving people full-time hi-def TV channels and superior technology and equipment including mobile apps and Whole-Home DVR. Switch to DIRECTV today to leave the dead weight of cable TV behind.

The Best Coral Gables Cable TV Channels and More - Only from DIRECTV

DIRECTV tops all the rest when you would like the superior provider with the most HD programming around. Cable TV can only dream of providing the same wealth of service and clarity in broadcast. Customize your package with premium movie channels, sports exclusives and extra family programming plus keep the basic networks you love. DIRECTV keeps you in command of your programming, so that you can be sure that your entire household will be entertained.

There’s no need to accept a ho-hum movie night with cable TV when you get the supreme home theater experience from DIRECTV. You can include popular channels like Starzr Super Pack, SHOWTIME UNLIMITEDr and Cinemaxr, which all show movies throughout the day. Stop worrying about rental movie fees, and try DIRECTV CINEMAtm. Revolutionize how you watch your family's favorite movies by calling right now.

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